Getting through Christmas during times of loss

Getting through Christmas during times of loss –Ron Edmondson

Christmas is a wonderful time of year. As the song goes, “it’s the most wonderful time of the year”. But for some, Christmas can be a miserable time.

Some have lost a loved one, suffered to the end of a significant relationship, or even had a severe personal loss of income or health. For them, Christmas is just another reminder of what they no longer have…

Here are some ways that may help:

List your losses – death, divorce, injury, finances, children moving out this year – whatever they are – write them down, Journal. Admit the pain.

Share them – share them with God, maybe with a close friend or seek out a counsellor. Find support in a prayer group. We were designed for community, especially at times like this.

Resist falling into despair – that’s where you live in a false reality that all hope it is gone. It is not.

Take care of your physical body – each well, exercise, and get adequate rest. More important during a time of loss.

Do something for someone else – there are many opportunities during Christmas to help people. Helping other people reminds us that we are not alone, and other people may be struggling too. plus, something about giving encourages positive emotions.

Encourage yourself to participate in social activities – you may not feel like it, but social support is helpful in recovering from loss.

Avoid the comparison game – don’t compare your losses to other people’s losses.

Honour your losses with new traditions – begin some new rituals that will help you reflect on the good things you experience with the person you’ve lost, and also to the developed some new memories.

Learn to worship in tears – God is good – even when it doesn’t seem like life is good – you’re better equipped to face the storms of life.

Christ is the peace of Christmas, and he can fill your brokenness. You can trust him. This Christmas that the Christ of Christmas fill the void and to lawsuit you have in your hearts and life.

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