From left front - anti-clockwise- Lacy, Lydia, Brent, Susan and Rev'd Josie

From left front, anti-clockwise; Laicy, Lydia, Brent, Susan and Rev’d Josie

Baptism of Lydia – we warmly welcome Lydia into our community, along with her parents Brent and Laicy and godparents Amy and Anna

But it looks like Lydia is more interested in the marbled mud cake with cream icing.

(Yes we did get their permission before posting this photo.)

St Bartholomew’s House Inc

St Bart’s helps people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness achieve positive life outcomes. Their vision is to eliminate homelessness. They work in the areas of accommodation services, aged care services, community housing and mental health support services. We will have someone from St Bart’s come and give us a talk about all they do very soon.



Please in bring in your Christmas Child shoeboxes by 23rd September, so that they can be blessed and sent off to where they need to go.

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