Weekly Church Service – Trinity Sunday : 30 May 2021


Christ Jesus came and preached peace to you all; through him we have access in the one Spirit to the Father.         Ephesians 2:17-18                            


O blessed Trinity, 

in whom we know the Maker of all things, seen 

and unseen,

the Saviour of all, both near and far:

by your Spirit enable us so to worship your divine 


that with all the company of heaven

we may magnify your glorious name, saying,

holy, holy, holy. Glory to you, O Lord most high.




  • Isaiah 6:1-8
  • Psalm 29
  • Romans 8:12-17
  • John 3:1-17

next week

  • 1 Samuel 8:4-11
  • Psalm 29
  • Romans 8:12-17
  • John 3:1-17

A Thought to Ponder

Trinity Sunday – John 3:1-17 

“Go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.”

Ordinary Time resumes with the Solemnity of the Holy Trinity. Originating in France in the eighth century and was adopted by the universal Church in 1334. Today’s celebration focuses on the essence of our faith: the revelation of God as Creator, the climax of his creation in Jesus the Redeemer, the fullness of the love of God poured out on us in the Sustainer Spirit.

Today’s Solemnity of the Holy Trinity celebrates the many ways God makes his presence known in our lives, in the manifestations of his love in our lives and our world. This Sunday of the Trinity invites us to look with a new awareness to behold God in our midst: God is the Father and Creator of all life, including our very selves, who fashions every molecule and atom that nurtures and sustains our lives; God is the Son and the Brother, the Redeemer who teaches us the unfathomable love of the God we seek; God is the Spirit of that love that creates and enables us to break out of the isolation that entraps us and become family and community.

Before returning to God, the Risen Jesus commissions his fledgling church to teach and baptise in the name of the Holy One who reveals himself as Father, Son and Spirit. In faith centred in our covenant with the Triune God we find our identity as the people of God.

In the Trinity, we praise God as God has revealed himself to us: the loving providence of the Creator who continually invites us back to him; the selfless servanthood of the Redeemer who “emptied” himself to become like us in order that we might become like him; the joyful love of the Spirit that is the unique unity of the Father and Son.

Christ has revealed to us the depth of the Creator’s love and has called us to share with one another the unique Spirit of love that binds Father and Son and now binds Father and Son to us, God’s holy people and Christ’s Church.  

Love is the heart of our Trinitarian faith: the Love who created our world and fashioned it with care; the Love who passionately desired to become one of us and for a little while pitched his tent among us; the Love who could never leave us but remains with us to inhabit every moment of our existence.   

The core of all of Jesus’ teaching is the revelation of God as Father to humanity:  Our God seeks a relationship with humankind based not on the all-powerful Creator demanding homage from the lowly slaves he created but as a loving Parent who welcomes his own children back home.

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