Weekly Church Service – Easter 6: May 26, 2019


Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you, says the Lord.
Do not let your hearts be troubled, and do not let them be afraid.
John 14:27

Collect of the day

Great and loving God,
your will for us in your son Jesus
is the peace which the world cannot give,
your abiding gift, the Advocate he promised, calm all troubled hearts, dispel every fear, and keep us steadfast in love and faithful to your word.
Grant this through Jesus Christ, the firstborn from the dead, who lives with you now and always.

Today’s readings

  • Acts 16:9 – 15
  • Psalm 67
  • Revelations 21:10 – 14, 22 – 22:5
  • John 14:23 – 29

next week

  • Acts 16:16 – 34
  • Psalm 97
  • Revelations 22:12 – 22
  • John 17:20 – 26

A thought to ponder upon

“… The Father will give another Advocate to be with you always, the spirit of truth, whom the world cannot accept because it neither sees nor knows him.”

In his Last Supper discourse, Jesus leaves his fledgling church his gift of peace and the promise of the Spirit. Christ’s gift of peace is not the absence of trouble and hostility (“as the world gives peace”), Christ’s peace is the scriptural concept of shalom meaning the pursuit of everything which makes for the highest good. The peace of Christ finds its core in the Gospel principles of humble servanthood and holy justice. The “Advocate” (or “Paraclete”, as found in some translations of John’s Gospel). Who intercedes and intervenes on behalf of good is the exact opposite of the “adversary” Satan. The Advocate/ Paraclete is that presence of God within us that opens our hearts and minds to the prompting of God’s word as proclaimed by Jesus.

The peace of the Risen Jesus leaves us not passive acquiescence or the absence of hostility and conflict; the peace of Jesus is a mindset of constant seeking out of God’s love, justice and mercy, an understanding of our “connectedness” to God and to to one another as children of the same God.

In sacrament, in scripture, in community, in our living of the gospel in our everyday lives, the Risen Christ is in our midst, in even our smallest acts of selfless kindness – prompted by the Paraclete instructing our open heart and spirit – we revealed the presence of the Easter Christ in our little piece of the world.

In today’s gospel, Jesus promises that he and his father will “make our dwelling” with us when we “keep {Jesus’s] word” of love, forgiveness, reconciliation and peace.

Wherever we act out of compassion the Advocate is at work in our midst, wherever we put aside our own fears of inadequacy to reach out to someone in need, the Holy Spirit is moving among us. The spirit of the advocate is present in our care often without our realising it, enabling us to make the justice and mercy of the gospel a reality in our own time and place. © Connections/media Works

Sermon Audio

The Reverend Josie Steytler preaches from the text after the gospel reading.

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Know God Personally,
Love and Respect One Another Deeply,
Disciple and Serve those around us.

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