Weekly Church Service – Easter 5: May 19, 2019


God is love, and those who abide in love abide in God, and God abides in them.
One John 4:16 B

Collect of the day

We behold your glory, O God,
in the love shown by your son,
lifted up on the cross and exalted on high;
be glorified anew by the love we have for one another
as disciples of the risen Lord Jesus.
Who lives and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.

Today’s readings

  • Acts 11:1 – 18
  • Psalm 148
  • Revelation 21:1 – 6
  • John 13:31 – 35

next week

  • act 16:9 – 15
  • Psalm 67
  • Revelation 21:10 – 14, 21:22 – 22.5
  • John 14:23 – 29

A thought to ponder upon

The spirit breaks open the communities of Christ to move new ways. How and where we set boundaries in Christian community is always subject to the gracious nature of God’s love. The texts for this week witness to a new vision for God’s people and all of creation. Where the spirit leads, the church is called to follow in love. The texts for this week point to a message of inclusion, of a God who goes beyond human set boundaries and practice. This new thing is still to be grasped grappled with by many in the Christian community. How might we open ourselves to welcome the still emerging and unfolding story of God’s gracious actions in our time? In what new ways might Jesus’ command to love take shape for you and your faith community?

A Prayer to Pray

God who fails to see distinctions of colour, race, gender, ability: God who loves creation in all its rainbow or tartan diversity, speak to us who narrowly define, pigeonhole and exclude those who are not like us. Give us a vision of the world and its people as you see it in all its strange beauty and wonderful diversity. 

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